Tenant Services

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Tenant Services:

New Space

At Colorado Springs Commercial, we provide comprehensive solutions to your real estate requirements for office, medical, or dental office spaces. We have our 'finger on the pulse' in the healthcare world, as we daily monitor the office real estate market for trends in vacancies and prices.  The brokers of Colorado Springs Commercial have the right combination of knowledge, skills, and experience to assist you with your office tenant needs.

Lease Renewals

Our knowledgeable and dedicated brokers will help you find the right property for the right price.  Moreover, brokers will represent you during lease negotiations with landlords -  allowing you to focus on day-to-day business and reduces the stress of landlord tenant negotiations. We perform detailed lease and ownership analysis and provide clients with a comprehensive comparison of costs.   We also address tenant improvement allowances for space 'refreshing', lease rates, and expansions.


If you outgrow your space, we can help you relocate within your building (if space exists), evaluate/negotiate the option of a lease buyout for you to move to space that is more conducive to your business.

We look forward to assisting you and are here to answer any questions regarding your current or new lease.